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ABOUT /   Sofia Arredondo, Mexico City, 1984


Sofia’s artistic practice has circled around a wide range of creative fields, driven mainly by an exploration of space and its relationship with the surrounding environment, both as an artist and a designer. Her work integrates different media that ranges from illustration, screen printing, collage and photography to 3d and lighting installation.

With a BA in industrial design studies, her professional experience in Mexico included designing spaces for theatre, interior, music performances, festivals and film. She has worked for INBA and Conaculta in diverse cultural projects.

After completing an MPS program in architectural lighting in NYC, she joined a design firm where among other trades she worked in landscape lighting, which showed her a new way to interact with nature while experimenting with materials and technologies. 

Her recent work explores the intersection of art, culture, and environment in search for new forms of representation that transform our ambitions, values and behavior to build a sustainable future. As part of this exploration she has worked in site-specific art projects in Mexico and Ireland addressing environmental issues through  creative processes.

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