Oi & Oii

2019. TOMBOLO. LAY OF THE LAND. Site responsive art installation series


Oi and Oii are  two collaborative pieces created by  6 artists:

Millie Egan

Brenda Kearney

Katrin Hanusch

Melanie King

Antonia Beard

Sofia Arredondo

and  an extraordinary production and volunteer team for TOMBOLO19

TOMBOLO is a site-responsive art project created by LAY OF THE LAND that encourages exploration of the  wild landscapes of isolated regions within Ireland. 





The 3 week outdoor art residency culminated in a 4-day public exhibition and took place on Brow Head, West Cork, Ireland.





Oi interacts with the landscape responding to its natural forces.


The circular shape in the center of each canvas provides a focal point that frames the land and sky. The constant wind reveals and conceals different elements creating a moving tunnel.

The three vertical frames form a gateway that connects the land with the sea providing a sense of direction and invites the visitor to walk through



Oii references the connection between earth and  sky providing a moving canopy that reveals whats beyond through 3 different oculi.


The position, direction and shape of the canopy plays with the organic lines of the landscape  and creates a space for the visitor to interact with it from above and below.

The piece responds to light and wind providing a dynamic experience.




Photos by:  Millie Egan and Sofia Arredondo