© Sofia Arredondo



2019. TOMBOLO. LAY OF THE LAND. Site responsive art installation



A collaborative piece created by  6 artists:

Millie Egan

Brenda Kearney

Katrin Hanusch

Melanie King

Antonia Beard

Sofia Arredondo

and  an extraordinary production and volunteer team for TOMBOLO19

TOMBOLO is a site-responsive art project created by LAY OF THE LAND that encourages exploration of the  wild landscapes of isolated regions within Ireland. 





The 3 week outdoor art residency culminated in a 4-day public exhibition and took place on Brow Head, West Cork, Ireland.





Throughout the residency we experimented with alternative photographic printing processes. One of them was the anthotype, which consists of an image created using photosensitive material from plants.

Taking the mining heritage from the area as inspiration, we created a 120m line  directly printed onto grass, that referenced the depth of the local mines.




The process became part of the piece, and every phase of it played an important role. The collaborative nature and heavy physical work involved also allowed us to imagine what a day in the life of that particualr period of Brow Head's history must have been.



Using metal sheets and stones found in the area, we blocked the light from the sun  over a period of 8 days, which then reacted bleeching the grass and creating an intense contrast.


By playing with the concepts of light and darkness, depth and length in the land, we encouraged the visitors to reflect upon the lives of those miners and  envision the dark and deep  crevices they descended every day.


Photos by:  Sofia Arredondo