2019. TOMBOLO. LAY OF THE LAND. Site responsive art installation




A collaborative piece created by  6 artists:

Millie Egan

Brenda Kearney

Katrin Hanusch

Melanie King

Antonia Beard

Sofia Arredondo

and  an extraordinary production and volunteer team for TOMBOLO19

TOMBOLO is a site-responsive art project created by LAY OF THE LAND that encourages exploration of the  wild landscapes of isolated regions within Ireland. 






The 3 week outdoor art residency culminated in a 4-day public exhibition and took place on Brow Head, West Cork, Ireland.






Throughout the residency we experimented with alternative photographic printing processes. One of them was the anthotype, which consists of an image created using photosensitive material from plants.

Brow Head's past consists of key moments throughout its history, of which there are vestiges that keep that heritage alive.


One of those moments corresponds to the era of copper extraction, which serves as inspiration for this piece.





The 120 meters drawn on the ground represent the depth of the mines that existed in this place, approximately 120 years ago.


By playing with the concepts of light and darkness, depth and length on earth, we invite visitors to reflect on the life of these miners and visualize the dark and deep cracks that descended every day.



A 120 m line is printed on the ground through a natural process known as CHLOROSIS, whereby the plants acquire a yellow color due to insufficient chlorophyll production.


A series of corrugated metal sheets blocked the sunlight for a period of 8 days, preventing the photosynthetic process and generating the intense color contrast.
The environment and its biochemical processes become an active agent in the production of the piece generating an evolutionary experience.




Photos by:  Sofia Arredondo