2019. GUAPAMACÁTARO. Michoacán, México. Site responsive installation 



- El río fluye por el vacío intermedio - 

 100m  / clay roof tiles, volcanic river rocks

Exercise developed during a 2 week residency at  Guapamacataro Center for Art and Ecology





"Emptiness is a presence that is not inert, it is pervaded by breaths that link the visible world to an invisible one. 

In Chinese perspective, emptiness is a dynamic and active element linked to the principle of the alternation of ying and yang, it is the preeminent site of transformation, the place where fullness can attain its whole measure.

Emptiness introduces discontinuity and reversibility into a given system and thus permits the elements composing the system to transcend rigid opposition and one-sided development."

- Francois Cheng - 



The empty river exists in a latent state where movement is expressed in the negative space. The exposed and eroded roots of its sabines and volcanic rock riverbed embody the river’s essence where existence becomes possible in the absence.