2019. TOMBOLO. LAY OF THE LAND. Site responsive art installation



Art piece developed during my time in TOMBOLO19

TOMBOLO is a site-responsive art project created by LAY OF THE LAND that encourages exploration of the  wild landscapes of isolated regions within Ireland. 






The 3 week outdoor art residency culminated in a 4-day public exhibition and took place on Brow Head, West Cork, Ireland.






Ant-land 9.jpg

Ireland suffered a massive deforestation  that reduced its forest coverage from 80% to less than 10%.


Deforestation originally occurred due to the needs of growing agriculture trends in Ireland and this activity then escalated with the birth and growth of the Industrial Age.


Trees were cut down in the thousands as wood requirements hit unprecedented levels and, despite numerous initiatives throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, forest levels have never recovered. 


LAST STANDING DOOR is a memorial installation that commemorates the extinct forests of Ireland. The piece references the symbolism behind the Celtic Tree of Life, with its branches reaching skyward and its roots reflected into the world below,


The most sacred of trees was the oak, or ‘daur’ in Celtic and it was believed to be the door connecting this world and the other, providing a balance between man, heaven and earth.


The contradicting aesthetic created by the image of a dead tree standing in the middle of a pond crtically adresses the relationship between man and nature.



Special thanks to Lilly Smith and Jonah McGreevey who gave their time, talent and  got their hands dirty to assmeble this piece with me.




Photos by: Lilly Smith, Antonia Beard and Sofia Arredondo