2009. INBA. Mexico City. Stage design and props for theatre play

INMOLACIÓN is a play for school theater that addresses the issue of youth suicide in an innovative way.

The proposal changes the traditional scenographic spatial    arrangement in which the actor relates to the viewer, which contributes to the momentum generated in the work.

The space consists of a hexagonal structure  in which each side shows a different scene within the story. The audience is located at the center of the structure, seated on stools that are distributed on a flat printed floor with the image of a circuit that connects them between each other  referring to complex cyber world.


The six areas that make up the set are interspersed with 40 light boxes of different sizes that project images    related to the work and particularly to each scene.


The space is complemented with 4 interactive video screens symmetrically distributed in the space, that work with the scenery and plot of the story in the creation of an unconventional space, which gives the audience a closer look at this very difficult and current reality.

*This project was part of the Mexican Pavilion in the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, edition 2011