2012. CUT. UNAM. Mexico City. Stage design and props for theatre play

MARACANAZO is a play written and performed to commemorate the 50th anniversay of CUT (Theatre University Center). Defined as a musical samba-tragedy in three acts, Maracanazo combines elements of greek mythology and the famous tragedy of Maracana, Brasil in the 1950 World Cup.


The concept behind the scenic design comes from the idea of creating a dynamic performance system that becomes a laboratory of experiences. It rejects the idea of staging as a set or a scene that tries to imitate pictorial reality, and instead preserves the “architectural scene”, in which a symbolic entity relates to all elements of the play and forms a whole.


The sequence of events takes place in different times and spaces, mixing reality with fantasy, the sacred and the mundane, it tells different stories that converge on one historical fact, which speaks of struggle, revenge, and punishment. There is an analogy between life, drama and game.

Designed in collaboration with Gabriela Suárez for 

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